I'm willing to bet you seek answers to some of life's big questions:

Who am I? Why am I here? What are my gifts, talents, calling & purpose? How can I feel happy, free & whole?

You fantasize about ditching your corporate desk job for your creative dream job and crave more joy & fulfillment in life but your head rules your heart.

I get it.

Life isn't bad but the familiar routine of work—home—work is uninspiring and you feel like you're not reaching your full potential.

And that frustrates you because you've got a ton to contribute to the world and you want to make a difference but you're struggling to connect the dots.

You're convinced that if you could just figure out what would make you happy, discover your reason for being or get paid for doin' that thing you love—you'd be on your merry way.

But, then you think—nobody actually makes money doing what they love, right?

Okay... so you're a little doubtful, too.

Your inner-critic has been calling the shots and fear rules your life.

Besides, if you dared to dream big, you'd rationalize how you're not good enough, smart enough or anything enough to achieve your so-called dreams anyway.

So you played safe.

You did what most people do and got a "real" job and sadly—you've stopped dreaming.

Years have passed—you're depleted, lost, and you barely recognize that face you see in the mirror.

You've lost your spark.

And now you're here asking yourself arguably the most important question of your life—

Whose life am I really living?

krista-bauer-headshot-square (1)
krista-bauer-headshot-square (1)

Hi, I'm Krista, certified life coach, career mentor, and advocate of following your heart.

I'm delighted that your journey has finally brought you here because you're eager for change and a new life direction because something's missing, you're not satisfied and life feels flat.
You're somewhat envious of the people who've had the courage to follow their heart, have found that thing that makes them tick and are living a meaningful, inspired life because you want it, too.
That's why I'm passionately devoted to helping you awaken your creative spirit, claim your calling and find your creative gifts & talent to make a difference because I've been there, too.

As a recovering corporate robot, I know what it's like to push paper all day and feel like your creative gifts & talent are going down the drain (even without knowing what they are).

Like you, I felt stuck, frustrated and tired of the monotonous routine of daily life.

Deep down I craved a creative, fulfilling career & lifestyle (something that felt authentically me) but fear, doubt and lack of direction kept holding me back.


...to help other aspiring creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, coaches, healers or anyone who feels the call to be creative find the courage, clarity and confidence to make their creative vision a reality!


Start today with my FREE  15+ page Creative Project Planner + Workbook designed to help you clarify your vision and formalize a rock-solid action plan so you start bringing your BIG creative dreams to life!



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Krista Bauer is a certified life coach, career mentor and creator of Happy Little Hummingbird®, a self-help blog for aspiring creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, coaches, healers or anyone who feels the call to be creative and wants to use their gifts & talent to make a difference in the world.

With a special emphasis on helping women awaken their creative spirit, her blog offers guidance, encouragement and inspiration for finding your calling, manifesting your desires, raising your energetic vibration, decreasing negativity, increasing presence, finding motivation and courage to achieve your goals and making the small shifts needed to bring your creative dreams to life.

When she's not out trying to make a positive change in the world she can usually be found engaging in some sort of creative project, laughing at something ridiculous she's just said (or did), advocating for animals, snuggling with her fur babies (that includes her husband), reading a good book, studying, taking a hot bath or sipping on some ginger tea (although she prefers red wine).

She believes that living with authenticity, intention and a frequently nurtured creative spirit are the keys to a fulfilling life—start fulfilling YOUR creative dreams today with her FREE creative planner & workbook.

I started this blog & biz while recovering from a 10-year corporate career that left me feeling lost, stuck and a little empty. I was frustrated by the monotonous routine of daily life and tired of pushing paper all day—feeling like my creative gifts & talent were going down the drain (even without knowing what they were).

Deep down I craved a creative, fulfilling career & lifestyle (something that felt authentically me) but fear, doubt and lack of direction kept holding me back.