12 Killer Gift Ideas for the Soulful Creative in Your Life

Are you still trying to find the perfect gift for the creative soul sister in your life?

I know that my favourite gifts to give are the ones that bring a smile to the ones I love, have special meaning and lets them know I care.  Often those are the gifts we give with a personal touch, are homemade (by you), or says, "this reminded me of you" because it speaks specifically to their taste, style and interests.

  Are you still trying to find the   perfect   gift for the creative soul-sister in your life? If you're tired of gifting generic fruity hand lotion each year, then check out my hand-picked gift guide to help you find a meaningful, KILLER gift that every creative soul-sister will LOVE!

If you're tired of gifting generic fruity hand lotion or replenishing your girlfriend's supply of fizzy bath balms each year, then keep reading and check out my hand-picked gift guide to help you find a meaningful, KILLER gift that your soul-sister will absolutely LOVE you for!

01 | The Makelight E-Course

Emily Quinton's online Makelight e-course is the perfect gift idea for the budding photographer in your life or social media maven who wants to improve her photog skills or enhance her Instagram/Pinterest feed. The best part? Purchase one of Emily's online courses, and get yours FREE! I've taken her online Makelight course to learn how to use my DSLR camera and gained a ton of creative inspiration for my own blog and social media platforms.

02 | The Desire Map Journal by Danielle LaPorte

The perfect gift idea for the introspective soul sister in your life (or for yourself if you don't already own one). Packed with soulful journal prompts and exercises to help you own your power and life desires. I've already ordered mine and it's on its way. I can't wait to get my hands on this one!

03 | Symbolic Humane Gift

Chances are that soulful creative in your life is also a HUGE animal lover. Help the Humane Society protect animals around the world and honour that special someone by donating to her favourite animal charity—there are many to choose from.

04 | Foil Printed Constellations

I am a huge fan of Minted, a company specializing in customized stationery gifts, cards and art. There are a ton of killer gift ideas and you don't need to be a skilled designer to create them—Minted has their team of independent artists do the work for you! How cool is that?

05 | Hay House Wisdom Community Membership

With a number of exclusive benefits, discounts, and free monthly replays on inspirational seminars from top industry speakers, this is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

06 | Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

There is a ton of buzz online surrounding the book, Big Magic and for good reason. A must-read to deepen our understanding of our own inspiration, creative habits and process to help us live our most creative lives.

07 | Adult Colouring Book

Adult colouring books are super hot right now and I am so in love that this one actually made my Christmas wish list this year (hopefully Santa is reading this now). They're a great stress reliever, highly meditative and a fantastic way to open our creative spirit.

08 | You Are So Worth Loving Tee

I'm a huge fan of this positive, uplifting brand and love to follow SWL on Instagram for daily doses of inspiration. Who wouldn't love a brand with the core message: You're Worth It? Snag one of their You Are So Worth Loving tees and help them spread the love while letting your soulful sista know that she is So Worth Loving.

09 | Mala Beads by Tiny Devotions

An ideal gift for soul-seekers to be worn during meditation or to help you manifest your dreams and desires. Mala beads are worn to help us increase our mindfulness and focus on our intentions. Choose from a range of beads with various meanings and healing properties.

10 |Mandala Art Prints by Sarah Vassella

I've been obsessed with Mandalas for the past few months and I know that if I received this gift, I'd love to place it on a wall in my office to help me connect spiritually and to use as a focal point during meditation (something I am still working on). Located in New Zealand, Sarah offers international shipping. Just visit her Instagram feed to find an original mandala art print and ask her for the cost/shipping details.

11 |  The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

I've also been obsessed with this beautifully illustrated tarot deck. I love to wake up and draw a card to help me focus on the energy of the message for the day. This deck is a killer gift idea for both masters of tarot or those who are just starting out. These cards are absolutely magical!

12 | Affirmats Yoga Mat

Positive affirmations printed on your eco-friendly yoga mat. Need I say more?

Tired of giving last-minute gifts that look like last-minute gifts? Check out this killer gift guide for the soulful creative in your life.

So there you have it!


  • What's your favourite gift to give?

  • What's the best gift you've ever received and what made it so special?

  • Are there any other killer gift ideas that you recommend?