5-Minute Mandala Meditation to Keep You Centred Throughout Your Day (+ Free Mandala Desktop Wallpaper Download)

I've been drawn to mandalas lately. So much so they became the inspiration behind this desktop wallpaper, "Mandala".

To cultivate a little more hands-on creativity in my life I've even signed up for the course, Mandala Magic by SoulWoman to help me deepen my connection with these incredibly spiritual symbols.

Mandala Magic also inspired the following meditation which I've been using to help me connect to my inner self and bring me back to centre.

 Having a bad day and need a breather? Follow this 5-minute meditation (with mandala desktop wallpaper to use as a tool during your meditation) to help you reflect and find your way back to centre. 


Find a centre point on your new mandala wallpaper and use it as a tool for personal meditation, reflection or to help you get centred.

Remain focused on the image and allow your body to relax, loosen and your breaths to become deeper. Pay attention to any thoughts that arise during this process. If you're unclear about the messages you receive, ask your inner self for clarity. Refrain from judging your thoughts as good or bad, just observe.

Pay attention to how you feel in your body by noticing aches, pains, or any undesired feelings. Adjust yourself in your chair until you no longer feel the discomfort.

How do you want to feel in this present moment? What do you wish to create? Calm, peace, happiness, productivity?

Take a few deep breaths and answer this question:

How can I manifest [insert desired feeling] in the present moment?

Open your eyes and bring yourself back to the present.

Stretch, smile, place your hands together in prayer and hold a feeling of gratitude to help you manifest your desired outcome.

Get centred with this 5-Minute #Mandala Meditation + Free Mandala Desktop Wallpaper Download.

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  • How did you feel after your mandala meditation?

  • Do use mandalas in your spiritual practice?