9 Signs You Could Be Refusing Your Life Purpose

Ever get this feeling that you're somehow refusing to live your true life purpose?

You know in your heart that you're meant for something more and you feel called to make a difference, but fear, doubt and lack of direction make it impossible for you to act and move forward (even on a sub-conscious level). 

You might be wondering, "how do I know if I'm refusing to live my life purpose?"

The answer is simple. 

When you’re being called to your life’s work you’ll feel the tug of an energetic force guiding you.

Objects will be placed on your path and people will appear on your journey. 

You'll feel a stir in your soul and the whispers in your ear get louder.

You'll sense an urgency to take action, wake up and to answer the call. 

But, unfortunately, most of us are too afraid and will never answer the calling that lives in our heart because we fear the responsibility of meeting our full potential.


Because the limitless potential within us is so powerful it scares us so we make ourselves small, deny who we are and do our best to go through life unnoticed. 

Thankfully our calling is relentless in its pursuit of getting our attention and awakening us to our true inner brilliance. It knows that we have important work to do and wants us to get busy doing it.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” — Marianne Williamson

Before I was ready to answer my own calling and fully embrace who I was, I felt as if I represented a faded, dimmer version of myself. 

The signs were there, but at the time I refused to acknowledge them because I felt safest when I remained unseen. This only became clear to me once I found the courage to follow my heart and step fully into my life's purpose.

If you're denying any part of your true calling or blocking your spirit from being fully expressed, you might resonate with these signs closely.

  Ever get the feeling that you're refusing to live your life purpose? You know you've got a calling but fear, doubt and lack of direction make it impossible for you to act and move forward. Learn the 9 signs you could denying yourself of the work you were truly born to do.

01 | You've got an itch or an endless yearning

One word. DESIRE. When we refuse our heart's calling we feel a merciless yearning in our heart for the untapped potential and power within us that remains untouched and goes unrealized. Our heart longs to express our creative gifts and talents (even without knowing what they are). This unrelenting desire in our belly gets stronger the more it's denied. When we answer our heart's calling we tap into our brilliance and feed our desire to be creative, express ourselves wholeheartedly and our heart's yearning advances to sincere devotion, commitment and appreciation.

02 | Your life or career is lacklustre

Life often feels stagnant, unfulfilling, and deeply dissatisfying (especially career wise) when we don't have a strong sense of purpose. Whether it's an intentional refusal or you're simply unaware of what your purpose is, a major transformation occurs when we finally answer the call and embrace our life purpose—our heart feels whole, and life is suddenly interesting.

03 | You've lost your spark

When we deny our true purpose, in essence, we're refusing who we are. This refusal of who we are creates an inner turmoil, perhaps even appearing as sadness, anger, and downright depression. Eventually, we start to fade and our light becomes dim. Once we accept our creative gifts, talents and purpose we radiate, flourish and shine brightly once again.

04 | You've got an insatiable hunger for something more

You want more, but what? This could physically be manifested by overeating and indulging in foods to temporarily satisfy your cravings for purpose and meaning in life, but it's something that can only truly be filled when we start living our purpose. A great question to ask yourself is: what am I really craving? Self-expression, joy, fulfillment, adventure, love? Once you're clear about what's missing, start feeding and nourishing your emotional and spiritual hungers in life.

05 | You secretly envy others

The truth is when you're living your life purpose or have answered the call in your heart you don't feel jealous or envious of others who have found that thing they're meant to do in life because you're deeply fulfilled and satisfied, too. You feel a sense of joy and admiration for those who are living their dreams. However, if you've been refusing your purpose or life's calling, you may feel constant jealousy towards others who've found it.

I used to feel envious of people who had the courage to follow their heart but now I'm inspired by them. I realized that my jealousy was rooted in fear and a belief that those lucky enough to have found that thing that makes them sing had more time, money, support, talent, or resources. This kind of thinking will only diminish your ability to create what you want in life. The key is to take deliberate action and make choices that are rooted in love because we then have the power to manifest anything we desire.

06 | You're getting repetitive signs & messages

Are you constantly bumping into the same person, hearing the same song, having the same dream, thinking the same thought, feeling the same intuitive message or seeing the same thing over and over and keep passing it off as pure coincidence? Someone is trying to get through to you but you're not paying attention. Or perhaps, you flat out deny that it's even possible. Regardless, this kind of synchronicity goes beyond mere chance. Pay close attention to the messages and signs you receive to help you uncover clues about your purpose, clarify your question, or help you decide which path you should take. You're always being guided and supported, but it’s up to you to pay attention and accept the help.

07 | You feel like a fraud

You're probably really good at your job or the role you play in life but there's a part that doesn't feel authentic to who you are. It doesn't fully represent the life you know you're meant to live. Others usually don't detect it because you hide it well and you may have convinced yourself that's who you are, too (the overworked career woman, the always-puts-herself-last wife & mother, the artist who pushes paper all day and never has time for her art). That inner voice knows which partis being denied and is in need of some nurturing.

Ask yourself:

  • If I'm not expressing myself to the fullest, what purpose am I really serving?
  • Who am I really serving?

You are much more effective when you accept your purpose and allow the highest version of yourself to shine through. What kind of inspiration would you be to your family, friends, children, coworkers and the planet if you honoured yourself in this way? 

08 | You lack confidence

It's not to say that all self-doubt and fear will cease to exist once you start living your life purpose, in fact, you may feel more fearful once you decide to pave your own path and go against the expectation others have placed on you. However, when we fully embrace our mission in life our confidence rises as we start to feel good about our accomplishments and the contribution we're making in the world. This progression towards our soul's growth has a positive effect on our overall wellbeing and self-esteem. If you stay focused on serving others, have a strong understanding of your why and remain true to yourself, this starts to become a non-issue.

09 | You don't fit in

A miraculous thing happens when we choose to live authentically; kindred-spirits, soulmates and our tribe naturally gravitates toward us. When we're misaligned with our purpose we feel isolated, lonely, disconnected, anxious and often depressed. The truth is, when we accept who we are and live authentically, it requires very little effort to make meaningful connections with like-minded people since we're less concerned about trying to fit in. Why? Because we don't need to. It's a natural fit. This is very liberating and can only be described as feeling like you've finally found home—okay, that part is probably just me. *wink*

The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” — Steven Pressfield


  • Are you refusing to embrace who you are or to live your life purpose?

  • Which signs do you resonate closely with?

  • Are there any other clues that tell us we've been denying our life's work?