Planting The Seed of Possibility

A question I'm often asked by people is: how did Happy Little Hummingbird start in the first place?

I believe it's one of the first things people want to know because they're curious to find out how I had the courage to leave my secure, well-paying desk job for my risky start-all-over-from-scratch dream job, or they're simply inspired because they want it for themselves.

I love that question because it's another opportunity for me to live fully in my purpose which is to plant the seed of possibility in others.

 Do you lack a belief in yourself or your dreams thinking that it can't be done? So did I. This is an encouraging post for the people who were never told that they could  be-or-do-anything  in life. I'm here to tell you—YOU CAN! Learn why planting a tiny seed of possibility is the first step in realizing your dreams! 

It brings me immense joy and pleasure when I can inspire someone to live their dreams, follow their heart or to help them courageously move towards becoming the person they were sent here to be.

Whether that's a jewellery designer, an actress, an animal healer, a goodwill ambassador or a bakery shop owner—we each have a voice, a story and a unique message to share.

I believe:

When we follow our heart we become beacons of light illuminating pathways for others who desire it, too.

We show them it's safe, giving them permission to do the same. 

The truth is, that didn't come easy for me. 

In fact, my journey has been a long, lonely and trying road at times. I wasn't one of the lucky ones who had immediate insight into her life purpose or calling either. Nope! I struggled.

I didn't have mentors who guided me or encouraged me to nurture my innate gifts or talent from a young age.

Nor did I get the you-can-be-or-do-anything-you-want-in-life dream speech that many parents try to ingrain in their offspring.

Obviously, my family had the best intentions for me and wanted me to succeed in life, but telling me to follow my heart and to find my purpose was a foreign concept for them, too.

So my dreams of being a designer, an architect, an artist, a prolific writer, a teacher, an animal advocate, a healer and a world traveller (yes, all in one career) would have to be forgotten, I imagine in much the same way my mother and grandmother had forgotten about theirs.

I buried my dreams deep into my subconscious mind since my social circle at the ripe old age of 10 didn't provide any evidence that any of it could ever be done. 

Everyone I knew had "normal" jobs, like, department store clerk, telephone operator, office assistant, hairdresser, and lemonade stand barista (I was 10!). The possibility of doing something different (and earning a living from it) seemed utterly impossible. So unattainable in fact, I didn't bother to try.

What I've Learned

At the age of 19, I was determined to rewrite my destiny and knew I had to leave my hometown in order to do so. I packed my bags and flew across the country with my best friend, Christine, by my side to start an adventurous new life in the booming oil province of Alberta. That experience opened my eyes as I gained many new pearls of wisdom throughout my journey.

  • I learned that the Universe is expansive and full of potential opportunities, nothing like I had been taught in my junior years.  
  • I learned that when my intentions are rooted in love there is a Divine energy supporting me and guiding me along the way.
  • I learned that when I keep my heart open and embrace my life purpose, I'm given exactly what I need to progress, move forward and make a difference in life. Always.

And above all, I've learned that our reality is a reflection of the thoughts, beliefs and perceptions we hold about ourselves and the world around us. 

When I realized that I had the ability to create the life I wanted to live, despite how I was raised, or what others tried to tell me, I was liberated and began living by the principal that anything in life is possible.

Now I follow my purpose and try to instill this belief in others.

Throughout the years I've been slowly but steadily releasing old beliefs that no longer serve me.

If you believe that life is hard and you'll never get what you want you're going to create a life of struggle, setbacks and disappointment.

However, if you believe that life is filled with blessings and you deserve everything that life has to offer (including a soul-based business or career that fills your heart) then you will create that, too.

Whether you already know what your purpose is in life but are too afraid to make the leap, or you're still struggling to know what it is—hold your thoughts and feelings about it in the most positive and uplifting space.

Believe that you deserve it. Remain open to all of life’s possibilities and remember that there is a great plan in store for you.

All it takes is for that one seed of possibility to be planted and to have someone else show us it can be done.

Keep focusing on making your dreams happen, not on the fear they won't.

Take Action Now

If you're still burdened with limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, here are 3 things you can do now:

  1. Write them down and put your ideas on paper so that you can make space in your head for new ideas to flow.
  2. Keep a record of any new thoughts or dreams that come to you as they may carry clues about your purpose and life's work.
  3. Set very clear goals, and intentions then pay close attention to the intuitive messages you receive as you write them out.

It’s not important how your message is expressed—the only thing that matters is that it gets shared.

Don't deprive us of your gifts, sweet soul—the world depends on them. xx


  • What was your biggest takeaway from today's post?

  • Which limiting beliefs have held you back throughout the years?

  • What do you struggle with the most when trying to live your life purpose?