Hello, lovely, and welcome to the LIVE content area for The Purpose Pathway (a.k.a. the client e-lounge). I am SO happy you're here. Please start by watching my welcome vid below to kick things off.

A couple of points about my first ever video:

Bad lighting (check!), forget to introduce myself (check!), tell clients I want to get "intimate" with them (check!), hold coffee mug without actually taking a sip (check!), frumpy, oversized lumberjack attire (check!), and although I refer to "throwing this video together for you", it actually took about six takes (okay, fine.... eight) and this was the best of the best (sorry, loves). However, I'm hoping you'll forget all that and just focus on the strategically placed vase of white flowers in the background instead. **wink wink**

:: UPDATE :: If you're new here (started March 20 or later), information has already been dripped out in the /Core/ section — please do not move ahead until the coursework has been assigned to you!


The Essentials is where you will find tools + templates to optimize each coaching session and to keep you organized throughout the program.

DESCRIPTION: 6 tips to help you get focused + centred before your coaching sessions.

DESCRIPTION: Templates + guides for better organization.

DESCRIPTION: Cover sheets to keep your printed materials looking elegant and professional.




The Core is where you'll find your coursework, coaching exercises and worksheets for the program. Please note that new content is frequently being dripped out in this section.

DESCRIPTION: Your Starter Kit. Contents of this kit have been sent to you via your welcome packet email.

DESCRIPTION: The self-exploration guide is your guide to uncovering your gifts, talents, strengths and creating the elements of your ideal career.



Meditations + visualizations are great tools to aid us in deepening and discovering our life's purpose. Feel free to reference these tools as often as necessary. It's a great idea to do these visualizations multiple times throughout the program as you will uncover new information each time. There are visualizations and prayers in this section to help us maintain good self-care and to help keep us centred which is essential throughout this process.

TIP: Meditations are very effective while listening through headphones to minimize distractions. Put yourself in a comfortable sitting position (I like to sit crossed-legged on a pillow on the floor with my back pressed up against a wall). Take a few deep breaths, relax and journal any insights you receive, either during or after your meditation.


TRACK: Awakening Bliss COMPOSER: Jordan Jessep DESCRIPTION: A great meditation for helping you connect with your inner wisdom and to gain clarity about your life purpose. It's recommend that you  bring a journal or a clean sheet of paper to reflect on new insights or awareness you gain from this visualization. MEDITATION BY: Fern Gorin of the Life Purpose Institute. RECORDING BY: Krista Bauer


TRACK: Release Your Mind COMPOSER: Jordan Jessep DESCRIPTION: A meditation for healing and purifying your body and getting energy flowing. This is a great meditation for when you first wake up or anytime you want to be relaxed and refreshed. I recommend it before coaching calls or completing any coursework to open and clear the chakras. MEDITATION BY: Shakti Gawain—Creative Visualization RECORDING BY: Krista Bauer


WHAT: Awakening Vitality DESCRIPTION: a chakra + breathwork exercise CREATED BY: Lindsey Brown from Inner Sanctuary: Is Be Inspired **Used with permission **

WHAT: Gratitude For The Body DESCRIPTION: a great morning prayer to set a clear and powerful intention for the day PRAYER BY: Marianne Williamson




Easy listening playlists to help you relax and deepen your reflection for your coursework. Just hit play, set a timer for 45 minutes to write and focus on YOU.


PLAYLIST: Soulfully Sunday DESCRIPTION: a relaxing, soulful playlist to nourish and energize your soul.

PLAYLIST: Solitude DESCRIPTION: a low distraction playlist for those sacred moments alone when you want to write, reflect, and just BE.



This section will be built up throughout the course of the year. Please reference the 'Resources' page for now and look forward to things such as: an Interview Guide and a Heart-based Biz Started Guide coming in a few months.

DESCRIPTION: A live resource guide with book recommendations, inspiring + motivational video clips, apps, free stuff + more.


DESCRIPTION: A mini-journal prompt guide to provide focus, direction or an intention for your journaling practice.


** This webpage is for Purpose Pathway clients only. Please do not share or forward the link to this private webpage as this will be a violation of my site Terms + Conditions. Thank you **