Hi, I'm Krista Bauer, certified life coach, virtual assistant, and creator of this happy little heart space.


Not so long ago, I was operating on a much lower vibration.

Life was good but not great, my job was okay but not awesome and I felt disconnected, disengaged, and utterly constrained by the typical 9 to 5 routine. For years I functioned on autopilot struggling to find joy in the mundanity of everyday life.


My soul sensed I had a calling but lack of clarity, focus and an overwhelming list of interests & passions made it hard to narrow down.

I was paralyzed by fear afraid of committing to something only to discover I made the "wrong" choice.

But here's what I've learned:

There are no wrong choices. Just action or inaction. One which manifests your dreams into reality and the other which keeps your feet firmly planted in your fear and comfort zone.

Thankfully, today my life looks a lot different and I get to live the freedom-based creative lifestyle I had always envisioned.

I've made it my heartfelt mission to teach fellow change makers, heart workers, and soulful seekers how to turn their ideal life or biz vision into something tangible and actionable and use their gifts and talent to make a difference in the world.

Whether you want to find your purpose, start a business or you're still trying to figure it out, Heart Space is an exclusive membership that helps you find focus, goal & vision clarity and the momentum and motivation to turn your dreams into concrete reality.



Heart Space membership is free.

As a Heart Space member you'll get exclusive benefits like:  tips, tools, guidance and inspiration to help you find focus, get vision and goal clarity and gain the motivation and momentum to create a life and biz by design rather than default.

Heart Space members also get secret access to my members-only secured resource library of tools, videos, workbooks, courses and printables to help you turn your creative dreams into concrete reality.

*resource library coming soon

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The Heart Space Membership is ideal for people who:

  • need a boost of inspiration and motivation to reach their goals
  • lack goal and vision clarity, perspective and focus
  • have a genuine interest in personal development
  • feel stuck and need direction during major life or career transitions
  • are ready to take action and create the life or biz they want
  • have a desire to change their life and want pro tips, tools, guidance and inspiration to help build momentum.


The Heart Space Biz Membership is ideal for people who:

  • are aspiring or emerging entrepreneurs who have a desire to launch an online business and want tips to do it like a pro
  • need specific tips, tutorials and guidance for starting or launching a heart-based biz
  • want exclusive behind-the-scenes business specific information
  • want business specific motivation and inspiration
  • lack goal and vision clarity, perspective and focus to create the online business they dream of.

* Memberships both include: semi-weekly(ish) heart notes, discounts on products & services and one free pass to the HeartSpace Resource Library for Heart Workers. PS. Members can unsubscribe anytime.



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Q. Can I join both memberships?

Great question! By subscribing to the Heart Space Biz Membership, you'll receive access to both. The Biz membership includes the same access and content as the Heart Space membership with bonus material that is specific to starting and running an online business.