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Hi, I'm Krista, the founder and creative behind Happy Little Hummingbird and an avid advocate of following your heart.



Not so long ago, I was operating on a much lower vibration. Life was good but not great, my job was okay but not awesome and I felt disconnected, disengaged, and utterly constrained by the typical 9 to 5 routine.

For years I functioned on autopilot struggling to find joy in the mundanity of everyday life.

My soul sensed I had a calling but lack of clarity, focus and an overwhelming list of interests & passions made it hard to narrow down.

I was paralyzed by fear afraid of committing to something only to discover I made the "wrong" choice.


What I've since learned is there are no wrong choices. Just action or inaction. One which manifests your dreams into reality and the other which keeps your feet firmly planted in your comfort zone.

After years of soul searching, career counselling and reading every self-help book I could find to help me get clear about what I wanted, nothing worked and my life didn't change until I began taking small steps each day towards my goals and with every step my vision got clearer.

My experience has taught me that miraculous things can happen when you move intentionally towards your dreams.

Synchronicities occur, opportunities appear and the right people (at just the right time) get placed on your path to support you along the way.

It's not called luck—it's called action.

My mission...

My mission is to teach and inspire my fellow heart-workers and aspiring change-makers to find their gifts and use their talents to make a difference in the world (or the world of those around them).

I help you bring your voice and vision to the world through coaching, courses, workshops and virtual assistant support.

Your first step...

Most of my clients share one thing in common... they're confused and don't know what they want, they don't know where to start or they feel stuck and don't know how to move forward in their life, career or business.

They tend to have BIG creative ideas but lack a clear intention or direction for their life or business. They want accountability, a plan to help them execute their goals and more confidence to take the first step. 

If this resonates with you, then I invite you to join my community for ongoing inspiration and motivation or check out a few of my most popular resources to help you get started (or unstuck) on your heart-led journey.


01 | The Clarity Workbook free download: a free 20+ page guide to help you define (or refine) your vision, clarify your goals and create a plan to inspire action, build momentum and transform your creative dreams & ideas into something concrete and actionable.

02 | How to determine your priorities in life and increase your happiness: a great post and one of the most loved by HLH readers to help you find balance and fulfillment in every key life area.

03 | 5 reasons why you procrastinate and how to overcome it: if you can't stay focused, then this post will give you some ideas on how to overcome your main procrastination pitfalls.

04 | A simple trick to help you figure out what you want: This is a really great place to start if you're stuck and can't make a decision or you need help getting the ideas flowing to move you in a new direction.



 Krista Bauer is a clarity coach and online strategist for coaches, healers and big-hearted business owners who want to make a difference | Happy Little Hummingbird


Krista Bauer is a holistic life coach, an aspiring artist and an online strategist for blooming creatives and big-hearted business owners who want to use their gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.

When she's not busy helping clients turn their abstract ideas into something concrete and actionable, she can usually be found engaging in some sort of creative project, laughing at something ridiculous she's just said (or did), snuggling with her fur-babies (that includes her husband), studying, taking a hot bath or sipping on some ginger tea (although she prefers red wine). 

She's also a newly inspired bullet journal enthusiast and the Mom of a spirited toddler named, Indigo Rose who is the joy and inspiration that propels her own life and business vision forward. ♥ 



10 facts...

  • I'm a 33/6 in numerology (and so is my husband). 
  • I'm an ENFP (the Inspirer)
  • I'm a self-proclaimed introverted-extrovert (eek....small crowds okay, big crowds, noand I prefer to just sit back and observe my surroundings)
  • I'm a full-time Mom building my can read how I manage motherhood and business here
  • My first recollection of contemplating my purpose was at the age of 5.
  • I'm fascinated by stars, planets and the possibility of otherworldly life forms & realms
  • Elizabeth Gilbert is my spirit animal. Have you seen her talk The Flight of The Hummingbird?SO good!
  • I once had an art studio in downtown Calgary, AB (where I currently reside). It was an incredible space with lots of light, old wooden floors and wall to ceiling windows with long white flowy curtains.
  • My life summed up in emojis ☕️ 👱🏻 👶🏼  🐶  🐶  🌿 🌏  🇨🇦  💆🏽  🍷  (regrettably absent: the taco and unicorn emojis) 😞
  • Happy Little Hummingbird is named (and was born) after my dear friend, Christine who took her life at the tender age of 31. It's one example of how blessings canemerge from tragedy. You can read more about the HLH story here.
  • Bonus fact: I Hate (capital 'H') ketchup and orange cheese :o

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